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Medical and Wellness Care at the Intersection of Health Function and Rejuvenation

Medical Spa in Portland, OR

Our AESTHETICS treatments

Diminish the signs of time or sculpt your ideal visage with our tailored injectable solutions.
Revitalize your complexion, combat hair loss, diminish acne scars, or address neck wrinkles with the FDA-approved SkinPen microneedling.
Our advanced lasers address anti-aging, acne scars & hyperpigmentation issues like melasma & rosacea.
Our PRP treatments tap into the power of your own growth factor and blood platelets to combat hair loss and rejuvenate aging skin, addressing issues from thinning hair to fine lines and wrinkles
With our state-of-the-art lasers, we offer precision hair removal, giving you smooth, hair-free skin.
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Medically-Driven Aesthetic Wellness:

Healing Inside and Out

Our mission at Othor-Rejuv

Our mission is founded on the principles of holistic rejuvenation, both inside and out. Created and led by experienced medical doctors, we offer cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments tailored to your aesthetic, medical, and post-surgical requirements. Drawing from decades of medical expertise, our dedicated team conducts comprehensive assessments to devise personalized treatment strategies for every patient. Recognizing that wellness is deeply individual, we blend our understanding of medicine, surgery, and aesthetics to deliver non-judgmental, regenerative, and rejuvenating solutions that align with your unique needs.

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Customers Speak

Dr. Nancy Yen Shipley experienced in the use of ultrasound and orthobiologics in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. And is additionally certified in Laser treatment of medical conditions, post-surgical and post-traumatic scars, PRP, injectable neuromodulators for medical and aesthetic applications.
Ms. Kylie Farwell is a board-certified Physician Assistant and a native Idahoan. Trained in orthobiologics, PRP, ultrasound-guided interventions, laser therapy, and neuromodulators such as botox, and fillers, Kylie is passionate about helping patients overcome their post-surgical and post-traumatic scars, and present their best selves forward to the world.
Dr. Natalie Mesnier, the driving force behind Ortho-Rejuv, stands at the forefront of aesthetic innovation. With a rich background in the aesthetic realm, she is notably skilled in anti-aging laser therapies, skin revitalization, and the meticulous use of injectables and fillers. Alongside her certifications in advanced aesthetic procedures, including PRP and neuromodulator applications, Dr. Mesnier’s mission is singular: to empower patients to experience and radiate their utmost beauty and confidence.