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In the heart of Portland, Oregon, Ortho-Rejuv is home to one of the city’s most distinguished skincare experts. Expert esthetician in Portland, OR, brings 
a blend of passion, precision, and expertise to the field of esthetics, offering personalized skincare solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client. An esthetician is a professional trained in assessing and enhancing skin health and beauty. Expert esthetician specializes in cosmetic skin treatments such 
as facial treatments, superficial chemical peels, body treatments, and hair removal. Offering a wide range of non-medical treatments to enhance skin appearance, they advise on proper skin care, and help clients achieve a healthy, radiant complexion. Becoming a licensed esthetician is a commitment 
to ongoing learning and development in the field of cosmetic skincare. Through their specialized training and expertise, estheticians can help individuals maintain healthy skin and enhance their natural beauty.

The Benefits of Visiting an Esthetician

Visiting an esthetician can significantly enhance your skin’s appearance and overall health. Below, we explore how esthetic services can improve skin health and address specific skin concerns.

Improving Skin Health

An esthetician is a skilled professional who understands the complexities of skin health. She provides services that cleanse, hydrate, detoxify, and nourish the skin, enhancing its quality and resilience. Regular visits can lead to noticeable improvements in skin texture and tone, reduced visibility of pores, and an overall vibrant, youthful complexion. An esthetician also offers advice on daily skin care routines perfect for every individual skin type and condition, ensuring skin remains healthy between treatments.


An esthetician is vital in managing and treating acne through deep-cleansing treatments, exfoliation, and gentle extractions. She utilizes specific products that target acne without damaging the skin, helping to clear breakouts and reduce the occurrence of future ones.


Anti-aging skin treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and specialized facials can reduce the signs of aging. These procedures minimize wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, promoting a youthful appearance by stimulating collagen production and cell renewal.


Expert esthetician Portland provides soothing treatments that reduce redness and irritation for clients with sensitive skin or those with rosacea. Using hypoallergenic products and gentle techniques, they help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, making it less prone to react to external irritants.

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Services Offered

An esthetician offers a wide range of services designed to enhance the skin’s appearance and health. Common services include:
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Facial Lasers

They target acne prone skin, eczema, pigmentation, skin texture, 
and much more.
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They reduce the formation of wrinkles (Botox) and fillers that augment volume in cheeks, lips, or correct wrinkles.
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Laser such as laser hair removal.

Philosophy on Skincare

An esthetician’s philosophy on skincare revolves around the belief that true beauty stems from overall wellness and health. This advocates for a holistic approach to skincare, where treatments are not just about superficial enhancements but about addressing the underlying health of the skin. An esthetician customizes their approach by carefully assessing the distinct characteristics and needs of each client’s skin. This personalized care strategy ensures that every client receives treatments specifically designed to promote long-term skin health and wellness.
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What Makes Esthetician in Portland OR Stand Out

What Makes Esthetician
Portland OR Stand Out?

Esthetician Portland is renowned for its thorough approach and the transformative results it delivers. Their ability to blend scientific knowledge with artistic skill makes them a favorite among those who seek refined and discreet enhancements. Dedicated to educating clients on maintaining their skin’s health and vitality, they empower them to take an active role in their skincare regimen. The comprehensive services are specifically designed 
to meet the unique skincare needs of each client, ensuring they feel beautiful and are well-informed about how to care for their skin long-term. 
This commitment to education and personalized care is what truly 
sets them apart in the field of esthetic medicine.

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and ensure your skin remains vibrant and healthy for years to come.
Dr. Nancy Yen Shipley experienced in the use of ultrasound and orthobiologics in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. And is additionally certified in Laser treatment of medical conditions, post-surgical and post-traumatic scars, PRP, injectable neuromodulators for medical and aesthetic applications.
Ms. Kylie Farwell is a board-certified Physician Assistant and a native Idahoan. Trained in orthobiologics, PRP, ultrasound-guided interventions, laser therapy, and neuromodulators such as botox, and fillers, Kylie is passionate about helping patients overcome their post-surgical and post-traumatic scars, and present their best selves forward to the world.
Dr. Natalie Mesnier, the driving force behind Ortho-Rejuv, stands at the forefront of aesthetic innovation. With a rich background in the aesthetic realm, she is notably skilled in anti-aging laser therapies, skin revitalization, and the meticulous use of injectables and fillers. Alongside her certifications in advanced aesthetic procedures, including PRP and neuromodulator applications, Dr. Mesnier’s mission is singular: to empower patients to experience and radiate their utmost beauty and confidence.