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About Facial Portland - Facial Laser Treatment with Aerolase

Laser Skin Resurfacing in Portland enhances skin texture and appearance using a laser device. This device emits a highly focused beam of light that vaporizes damaged skin cells at the surface level (for ablative lasers) or heats the underlying skin layers (for non-ablative lasers) 
to stimulate collagen production without removing the top skin layer. The procedure targets fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and uneven pigmentation and fosters the formation of new collagen fibers. 
The result is smoother, firmer skin that contributes to a youthful appearance. If you’re in Portland and considering laser skin resurfacing, Ortho-Rejuv provides exceptional care and natural-looking results, helping you achieve healthier, more radiant skin.

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What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a cosmetic procedure that uses advanced laser technology to enhance the texture and tone of your skin, including darker skin tones. It is an effective solution for various skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and sun damage. The treatment involves focused laser beams that remove the outer layers of your skin, stimulating the production of new collagen fibers and unveiling smoother, more youthful-looking skin for you.
There are two main types of laser resurfacing:

Ablative Laser Treatment

Ablative laser resurfacing uses high-intensity laser beams to precisely remove damaged skin, promoting the growth of new, healthy skin cells.

On the other hand, non-ablative lasers, including intense pulsed light, deliver heat energy to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of your skin without harming the surface, helping improve your skin’s texture and appearance without removing the outer skin layers.

Laser skin resurfacing treatments can be performed using different lasers, such as fractional lasers. Fractional lasers target specific areas of your skin while leaving the surrounding tissue intact, resulting in shorter recovery times than traditional laser peels. The choice of laser and technique will depend on your skin concerns and desired outcomes.

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Ideal Candidates for Laser
Skin Resurfacing

You might be an ideal candidate for our laser skin resurfacing Portland to improve your skin’s appearance and address specific skin concerns. This procedure can benefit you if you have:
You might be an ideal candidate for our laser skin resurfacing Portland to improve your skin’s appearance and address specific skin concerns. This procedure can benefit you if you have:
Laser skin resurfacing can reduce the appearance of acne scars and help smooth out the skin’s texture.
The treatment can target fine lines and wrinkles caused by natural aging or sun damage, leading to smoother, more youthful-looking skin.
The treatment can target fine lines and wrinkles caused by natural aging or sun damage, leading to smoother, more youthful-looking skin.
This procedure effectively addresses skin imperfections, including age spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone.

It’s important to consult our expert skin care professional to determine if our laser skin resurfacing is the proper treatment for you. Factors such as your skin color, history of acne medications or active acne, and overall skin health will be considered to ensure optimal results and minimize any potential risks. If you have very dark skin, opting for a non-ablative laser resurfacing like Nd: YAG can be a safer choice.

Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing offers a range of benefits for skin rejuvenation. This advanced cosmetic procedure can reduce wrinkles, and minimize acne scars, showcasing how it works. Here are some of the key benefits of laser skin resurfacing for you:

Improved Skin Texture

The procedure stimulates collagen production, creating a smoother and more even texture.

Reduced Wrinkles

The heat energy from the laser promotes collagen remodeling in your skin, which can help reduce the appearance of your facial fine lines and wrinkles.

Minimized Acne Scars

Laser skin resurfacing can significantly improve the texture and appearance of your acne scars, making them less visible.

Enhanced Skin Tone

The procedure can help even out your skin tone, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Youthful-Looking Skin

Laser resurfacing can give your skin a more youthful and refreshed appearance, restoring a natural glow.
These benefits make laser skin resurfacing or laser peel an excellent option for rejuvenating your skin and achieving a youthful appearance.

Our Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure

At Ortho-Rejuv, we understand that your skin care needs are distinct. Therefore, our laser skin resurfacing work procedure is customized and detailed, crafted specifically for you. Here’s what you can anticipate when you come in for your laser skin treatment:
Before the procedure, you’ll talk with one of our expert skincare professionals. They’ll assess your skin concerns, discuss your goals with you, and determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for laser skin resurfacing.
Your treatment area will be thoroughly cleansed and prepped to ensure the best results. We’ll remove any makeup, oil, or debris from the area.
Depending on the intensity of your laser treatment, our specialist may apply a local anesthetic to numb the area and minimize any discomfort during the procedure.
A focused laser beam will target the area during your laser resurfacing. This beam delivers continuous light that carefully removes the outer layer of your skin, stimulating collagen production and promoting rejuvenation while keeping the surrounding tissue intact.
If you have a history of cold sores, our specialist may recommend antiviral medication to prevent an outbreak triggered by the procedure.
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Recovery After Laser Skin Resurfacing

The recovery period after your laser skin resurfacing can vary based on the intensity and depth of your treatment. Generally, it can take several days to a few weeks as your skin heals and undergoes a natural rejuvenation process.
In the first days after your treatment, you might experience some redness, swelling, and mild discomfort in the treated area. These are typical side effects that should gradually subside as your skin heals. Following our expert skincare professional for post-treatment care instructions is important to ensure optimal healing.
The laser used in your skin resurfacing treatments is designed to minimize heat damage to the surrounding tissue, leading to faster healing and minimal scarring. However, protecting your skin from excessive sun exposure during recovery is essential, as it may slow down the healing process and increase the risk of complications.

If you have any concerns or questions about your recovery process, consult with our expert skincare professional. They can advise and guide you to ensure a smooth recovery after laser resurfacing.

Cost of Laser Skin
Resurfacing in Portland

The price for your laser skin resurfacing in Portland can differ depending on your personalized treatment plan. This plan usually involves the specific areas you’re treating, the type of laser technology used, and the total number of sessions you need. During a consultation, our skincare expert will assess your skin’s condition and discuss your treatment options, providing a tailored cost estimate.
While the exact price can vary, the average cost in Portland is around $2,125. However, depending on your individual needs, this can range from as low as $100 to as high as $8,000. Investing in laser skin resurfacing can significantly improve your skin’s texture and tone, enhance your appearance, and boost your self-confidence. The benefits of this treatment are usually long-lasting.
We advise booking a consultation with our expert skin care professional for the most precise pricing on your laser skin resurfacing. During this consultation, we will walk you through the entire procedure, respond to your inquiries, and tackle any issues you might have regarding the treatment, anticipated results, and related expenses.
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Ortho-Rejuv for Your Laser Skin
Resurfacing in Portland

At Ortho-Rejuv, your skin’s vitality is our priority. Our skilled professionals understand that each individual’s skin concerns are unique, so we offer 
a personalized and comprehensive approach to laser skin resurfacing. Our targeted procedure addresses various issues, including fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage. By removing the outer layer of skin and stimulating collagen production, we unveil new skin with a smoother 
and more youthful complexion tailored to your rejuvenation goals. Experience the Ortho-Rejuv difference: dedicated specialists, exceptional care, and natural-looking results. Schedule your consultation with us today.
Dr. Nancy Yen Shipley experienced in the use of ultrasound and orthobiologics in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. And is additionally certified in Laser treatment of medical conditions, post-surgical and post-traumatic scars, PRP, injectable neuromodulators for medical and aesthetic applications.
Ms. Kylie Farwell is a board-certified Physician Assistant and a native Idahoan. Trained in orthobiologics, PRP, ultrasound-guided interventions, laser therapy, and neuromodulators such as botox, and fillers, Kylie is passionate about helping patients overcome their post-surgical and post-traumatic scars, and present their best selves forward to the world.
Dr. Natalie Mesnier, the driving force behind Ortho-Rejuv, stands at the forefront of aesthetic innovation. With a rich background in the aesthetic realm, she is notably skilled in anti-aging laser therapies, skin revitalization, and the meticulous use of injectables and fillers. Alongside her certifications in advanced aesthetic procedures, including PRP and neuromodulator applications, Dr. Mesnier’s mission is singular: to empower patients to experience and radiate their utmost beauty and confidence.